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Beta 2018 iprotein

β 2018 iProtein represents the maximum avant-garde in protein stability. It is equipped with two thermostatic baths and a high-precision nephelometer, created specifically for this instrument. The result of the analyzes is rendered in NTU and it is also possible to analyze up to 15 samples simultaneously. The protocols can Go to the product

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Alfa 2016iLife

iLife is the highest expression of tecnology at the service of tartaric stability in wines. iLifeis equiupped with an operating panel of 10,4″ touch screen, where it is possible to set and consult all parameters that will always be in line with the server where the software CheckStab .NET resides. Go to the product

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Alfa 2016Magic+

Check Stab a2016 Magic+ Quick and easy determination of tartaric acid stability using electrochemical conductivity measurements at various conditions. Capability of determining the wine’s tartaric stability with two types of analysis, mini contact and saturation temperature. Mini Contact: Determines KHT precipitation expressed in μSiemens. This value indicates the stability of Go to the product

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Beta 2016WFT+

Given the success of previous model β2014 WLF, CheckStab Instruments has developed the β2016 WFT+ able to perform filterability tests done automatically. Both with a filtering stage that with 3 filter stages with 3 different porosity, in a manner to reproduce the same conditions filterability taking place in the cellar. Go to the product

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Alfa 2015iDry

iDry is the most advanced thecnological innovation for the control of tartaric stability in wines. iDry has a new refrigeration system for the wine sample without the use of ntifreeze liquid; This system reduces time used to complete an analysis as well as obtaining a greater accuracy of the system Go to the product

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