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D307 – Magnetic Stirrer + Worm

D307 is a Magnetic mixer with a new mixing technology, ideal for working without controls. Plate is made with Inox stainless steel, adjustable mixing velocity. Electric motor velocity control, constant velocity even during loading. Accurate heat regulation and secure temperature control. High magnet force, prevents magnet blockage and insures the Go to the product

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D320 – iStirrer

iStirrer is a magnetic stirrer controled by a micro processor. Conceived with the latest technology, this device uses the most advanced control system available in the market today.  Some note worthy characteristics include: measurement of the speed by HALL effect sensor, control and setting of velocity in real time, constant Go to the product

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D306 – Magnetic Stirrer

D306 is a high capacity magnetic stirrer ( up to 2 litres ). The electronic speed control guarantees high precision. It is developed to use it in laboratory or in production. The stirrer is provided with a Teflon coated anchor. Go to the product

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