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D119 – Ph-Rx-Temp

The ph meter/ Rx meter Thermometer model D119 is a device that has been designed with the latest electronic technology, with a compact, light weight dimension but with the same efficiency of a laboratory instrument. The solid case in ABS, with the keyboard in a water resistance membrane is the ideal practical container for travel and working on the job site. Thanks to the micro controller RISC, the alpha numeric display and software, it is immediately usable. The user can select the measurement desired with the use of only one key.
During the use as pH meter or Redox meter, if a probe PT100 is inserted, the automatic compensation of the temperature of the sample liquid is activated. If the device does not detect the presence of the probe, it will automatically be set from the “Automatic Compensation” mode to “Manual Compensation” mode. The device has an attractive aspect as well as functionality. There is a vast range of accessories to increase its utility in the field.


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